3 Ways to Find Affordable Car Parts for Your Vehicle

Posted on: 24 March 2017


If you are working on heavy duty truck repair, you may quickly find out that the parts that you need to work on your vehicle can often be more expensive than the labor needed to fix said part. Here are three ways to find affordable car parts and save a little money along the way.

#1 Head to Your Local Junk Yard

There are many junk yards or car junk yards that sell affordable car parts for your vehicle. When vehicles need to be trashed or when they are involved in an accident and the owners decide not to fix them, they often end up at junk yards and auto yards. However, just because a vehicle has more damage than is worth fixing does not mean that all of its parts are trash. Often, there are numerous expensive parts inside of damaged vehicles that are sent off to the junk yard that could easily be repurposed and used again.

The junk yard industry makes money off of these vehicles by selling the old parts at an affordable price to individuals who are willing to put in the time to hunt for a bargain. The inventory at an individual junk yard can really vary, so you may have to call numerous junk yards in the area to find the parts you need, but if they have them in stock, they often cost a fraction of the market value. Many times, the parts are also OEM, so you are getting the original part for the best price possible.

#2 Sift Through Online Retailers

Another way to get affordable parts for your vehicle is by moving your search for new parts from just your local auto parts stores to the internet. There, you can find internet-savvy junk yards that list their parts for sale and will ship them to you, even if they are located on the other side of the country. You can also find wholesalers who offer auto parts for sale at the cost that they offer them to auto dealerships. These retailers cut off the extra costs normally associated with auto parts and offer you to them at close to the prices that they purchase the parts for.

#3 Check Out Aftermarket Parts

Another great way to save money on parts is by investing in aftermarket parts instead of original manufactured parts, also known as OEM parts. Aftermarket parts are often just as good as OEM parts and are held to high standards as well. They are just made by a manufacturer other than the one that originally made the parts; however, they are generally made to the exact specifications for your vehicle.