If You're Getting A Running Board, Get These Accessories

Posted on: 27 March 2017


Running boards offer strong support to those who need an extra boost to get into a truck. Trucks and SUVs are now available in models so tall that people sometimes find it difficult to get in easily, and the boards allow them to simply step up and get in as if the truck cab were lower. Boards offer better customization than steps because there's more of a choice of where to put your feet when using the board. But the boards can benefit from having a few accessories added on, which will make them safer for you and others.


You want to see where you're going when you get into your truck in a dark lot at night. Running board lights that illuminate when you open the door are essential. Even if there are lights in the lot, if you're not near them, or if they're of low quality and not very bright, the step can be difficult to see. It's even worse if you're trying to get out of the truck and can't see them because then there's the risk you'll fall. These lights are hooked up to your door so that they go on once the door is opened, illuminating your path into or out of the truck.


Having reflectors on the boards is important, too. The lights can act as reflectors in a way, but you want actual reflectors along with those so that bikes and pedestrians passing close by can see that there is something protruding out of the side of the truck. Yes, they shouldn't be that close anyway, but if you have someone walking through that dark lot and passing between your truck and another car, that person won't have much of a choice. You want them to be able to see the board so that they don't walk into it.

Traction and Tread Tape

The running boards should come with traction tape or a tread strip already installed, but these can wear down with a lot of use and exposure to bad weather. It's a good idea to keep some extra traction tape or another tread strip on hand so that you can repair worn traction without having to wait for an appointment at a repair shop. You can take the truck in later to have the tread officially replaced, but having the extra tape with you means you don't have to worry about the traction on the board in the meantime.

All of these are simple to get, install, and maintain, and they are affordable accessories that increase the safety of you and others. Keep a small supply of tape with you and ensure the lights and reflectors are installed when you get the boards attached to the truck.