Did Your Car Take A Few Hits On Your Recent Road Trip? 3 Tips For Repairing The Damage

Posted on: 2 September 2017


You've always considered yourself to be a safe driver, yet your recent road trip has left your car looking like you just got your license. Unfortunately, the likelihood of sustaining auto body damage goes up with the more miles that you drive. Whether you got caught in a hailstorm or had road debris fly up and hit your fender, use these tips to get started on restoring your car back to its former beauty:

Assess the Total Damage

The first thing that you need to do is figure out how serious the actual damage is to your car. Minor dents and scratches are easily hidden beneath road grime, so begin your mission by washing your car thoroughly. Once it's dry, look it over carefully in good lighting to see if any minor imperfections are revealed. For instance, hail damage often begins as small dents that can cause your paint to eventually chip if it is not repaired soon enough.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Once you know how bad the damage is, you will need to check your insurance policy to find out what is covered. Often, auto body damage caused by a storm or random road debris is covered by your policy. However, there are sometimes time limits in place, which means that you must act quickly with filing a claim so that it is not turned down. Although there may be a deductible, this is still worth having the work done if it preserves the value of your car.

Establish Clear Expectations

Once you have planned financially, you will be ready to take your car in for auto body repair. During this part of the process, you will work closely with the repair technicians to determine how your car damage is fixed. Depending upon the type of damage that you are dealing with, you may have options such as paintless dent repair, or you may need to have restorations made using color match paint. Either way, be sure to ask questions about what to expect after the process. Ideally, you should hear that the repairs will be done so that any prior damage is virtually impossible to detect.

It's embarrassing driving a car around that makes it look like you get in frequent wrecks. Plus, car damage lowers the value of your vehicle. Knowing how to quickly get your car repaired allows you to get back out on the road again so that you can enjoy showing off your favorite possession.

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